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Modest Clothing Provider To Women of Valor

4Modesty was developed on a trip to Israel in 1994. It was very apparent that there was a modest way of dress among the religious women of many faiths. The women who were walking around in the Old City of Jerusalem presented themselves with modesty. These women from such a diverse background all had a very similar desire to wear clothes that were non-revealing, modest in design, yet they really lacked the current fashions utilizing color and fabrics.

That is when the challenge became apparent. The fact that there were very few choices of fashionably modest clothing available to purchase opened our eyes. The woman who wanted to purchase a fashionable outfit was forced to usually buy two dresses with some of the modest components. The reasoning is the second dress was used for spare parts. She would have to re- tailor the first dress with the fabric from the second dress. She would take the material from the second dress to apply to the necessary areas (neckline, elbow length and knee to ankle measurement) to upgrade the garment to modest modifications.

When we returned to the US, we approached different name brand manufacturers with the idea of designing fashionable modest clothing. The host of manufacturers did not see the market niche, nor did they have any interest in catering to “modest marketplace”. DING..DING..DING!. New opportunity was presented.

With high fashion, in constant change, STYLE is the only indispensable attribute to the women’s clothing industry. Style is the common thread that is woven throughout and flows in most garments; however, that thread keeps changing from year to year. There are very few classic designs that are sold with modesty as the focus design on a constant basis. It usually is a hit and miss and maybe one garment of a designer’s set has a “modest outfit”.

Design pressure within the industry to be different, unique, specifically generates continuous modifications. Therefore, the Women’s Clothing industry is in continuous flux and change. The fashion runway has been the path for hype and marketing collateral to drive the change in the marketplace.

The dress length each year is either higher, lower, wider, thinner, or see-through, which all seems to come and go yearly or at least seasonally. The lack of continuity and messaging provided an opportunity for a clothing line that connotes and communicates “strength, value and purpose”. Hence, the birth of 4 Modesty. Com. “providing fashionably modest clothing”.

4 has taken the lead and has developed with a variety of manufacturers a supply of fashionably modest clothing to fulfill the needs for the “Women of Valor”.

This site is dedicated to searching for clothes that reflect the modest values. Our buyers search from Los Angeles, Florida to New York, to buy product created in the United States and throughout the World. Buy American is a strong mantra within the company. (We keep our eye on the world for new items, but the emphasis is USA.)

If you have a favorite dress that is just worn out, tattered or you want that design in other fabric let us know. Take a few detailed pictures and forward to us.

Send us a picture of it and if we think we can do something special we will respond. If we find a way to manufacture the garment, yours will be free.

4 believes:  “The less you show; the more you say”

From our site to your closet, all the best

Mordechai Bogoratt

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