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Dear enthusiast shopper,

The purpose of this survey (which is only going to be used for our site and never sold to any other company) is to inform us of your clothing needs. The concept is, with your specific information we can email your clothing updates that meet your style. You will receive early privileges and direct discounts on purchases before the web site is marketed to our general internet customers. So please, take your time and fill out the necessary information. We look forward to providing you an easy experience in locating and purchasing “fashionable modest clothing”.


Goes to survey to be a VIP SHOPER.

Let me entertain you. If you subscribe to be one of our exclusive 24/6 Shopper Reviewers, I will give you an 18% discount on your next purchase.

VIP SHOPPER receives the most current fashions to evaluate and make real decisions. Your vote will determine if that outfit or item is displayed on the website. Your opinion is critical to locating and procuring the latest in Modest Fashion. You have 24 hours to cast your thoughts. When the tally is in, a decision will be made to purchase the items for resale. You will be a major part of that action.

To join the VIP SHOPPER you will need to fill out completely the attached VIP SHOPPER dossier.

  • Required phone number format: (###) ###-####
  • Please list your three favorite colors:

  • Clothing Size: Please Choose One

  • Type of shopper:

  • Please share your clothing shopping experiences: Please give us a general annual budget of the total dollar amount spent on you and your family.

  • Please share the % of dollars you spend shopping at these different resource locations.

  • My Clothing budget is spent by percentile during the following seasons. Please allocate:

  • Do you wear skirts to your knee, below your knee, or to your ankle? What percentage?

  • Do you wear hats to accent your outfits?

  • Do you eat food that is:

  • How many children do you have:

  • Are you interested in:

  • Would you like to be part of the marketing group to evaluate current fashion trends before they are uploaded to the site?

  • Do you wish to subscribe to our mailing list for notification of sales and new fashions?

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